Lovely lanai? Make your outdoor space safer!

Nothing beats the comfort of spring and summer weather with a lanai. This special space is the merging of two worlds – indoors and outdoors. A couch and chairs adorned with overstuffed pillows, a coffee table with a few good books, and a refreshing beverage are just the start! If you wish to truly enjoy your veranda or lanai space this warm weather season, make sure it’s safe for you and your guests.

Seasonal showers and outdoor weather can make their way inside your special retreat. The floor safety experts with Slip Resistant Solutions have the cure for any slippery lanai floor. Does your lanai have slippery tile such as travertine, porcelain, granite, ceramic or any other natural stone? You’ll love how easy it is turn your surface into a non slip lanai floor. Our DIY microscopic abrasion products will gently etch your tile flooring, providing extra traction when slick floor conditions present themselves. Plus, there’s no change to the appearance of your beloved lanai floor surface.

Have concrete, laminate, wood or any other hard surface in your lanai? Our SolidStepCote product is available in four unique levels of slip resistance as well as the option of matte or gloss finish.

Don’t sacrifice the look and materials you love just because of soggy summer weather. Visit for more info.

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