3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Warm Weather Fun

As temperatures rise the opportunities for outdoor entertaining with family and friends are abundant. While the food and beverage selections are essential elements of any summertime soiree, keeping your home safe for guests is equally important.

Here are some tips for cranking up the safety factor at your abode:

A Welcoming Entrance. Whether your party is indoors or outdoors, greet guests with a safe entrance to your big bash. Unpredictable summer showers can bring slip and fall hazards to your front steps and even your home’s indoor entryway. If those stamped concrete stairs or entryway tiles are a 911 call waiting to happen, check out the slip resistant treatments from Slip Resistant Solutions. We have the affordable, easy to apply non slip remedy for any slick hazard.

Enjoyable Kitchen and Bath Spaces. It’s just human nature. Even when the party is set for outside, people just have a way of congregating in the kitchen. Are those floor tiles safe for the flocking? A spilled drink or a greasy food mishap can make any hard surface a slippery mess. Marble, granite, ceramic,   porcelain and travertine floors can all use a non slip DIY upgrade with Slip Zero, a microscopic abrasion treatment that gently increases the coefficient of friction without harming the aesthetics. It’s also a great solution for bathrooms and other water-prone regions of the home. Ditch the non slip bath mat for better, long-lasting results that won’t trip you up.

Party Poolside. Make your summer event a splashing success with a safety plan for those slick, water-drenched patios and decks. (You don’t expect guests to wear non slip socks, do you?) Kids of every age will appreciate the extra traction under their bare feet with the non slip coating/sealers from Slip Resistant Solutions. Available in four levels of non slip grip, the SolidStepCote

Garden furniture
Relax with a safer party setting.

product comes in clear or matte finish. The best part – unlike the competition which literally uses messy, harsh sand to increase the friction underfoot – our coating is effective, yet gentle on little feet. Plus, it won’t alter the appearance of your beloved outdoor deck material.

Making your little slice of heaven a safe and welcoming environment is simple with the right tools. For more information on how to make your hard surfaces safer, visit www.slipresistantsolutions.com. Or call 1-800-741-4024 and we’ll help you pick the perfect non slip solution for your trouble surface.

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