Non Skid Terrazzo for Home, Business

From pool patios to bathrooms to entryways and hallways, terrazzo, with its vibrant and unique aesthetics can add the look of luxury to any residential or commercial space. And while this stone composite is truly a sight to behold, many renovators look past its beauty for one reason: terrazzo can be an extremely slippery surface.

Before you write off terrazzo from your home or business renovation plan, take note of an easy, DIY treatment that adds non skid properties to this gorgeous surface without harming the aesthetics!

The Problem: When terrazzo is set, workers thoroughly clean and polish the flooring surface for its famously shiny, lustrous finish. All this effort can create serious slip and fall hazards to family, friends, customers, and anyone who dares to tread upon it. But there is a way to turn unsealed and sealed terrazzo into safe non slip flooring.

The Solution: The anti slip flooring professionals at Slip Resistant Solutions offer a simple, DIY solution for unsealed terrazzo.

1. First, thoroughly clean and rinse floor. Be sure no residue is left behind.
2. Use Ceramic Safety Floor Treatment from Slip Resistant Solutions, following directions provided in packaging.
3. Directions will guide you to create a small test area first. This test determines length of time product should be left on to achieve desired level of slip resistance. (Typically, this time is under 20 minutes, but will vary per material.)
4. Product is mopped onto floor in small sections. After proper amount of time (based on test) sections will be neutralized with neutralizer provided in package.
5. Thoroughly rinse and dry area. Repeat rinse and dry process two more times, so that you’ve thoroughly rinsed, then dried the area three times total.

Your beautiful terrazzo floor surface will now be ready to be walked on and admired by all!

Already have a sealer on your terrazzo? Slip Resistant Solutions offers a DIY, anti slip floor coating that can go right over the top. Available in four levels of slip resistance, SolidStepCote can make your already sealed surface safer, and give you the option of a matte or gloss finish. If you have an oil or solvent based sealer, consider first applying Unibond 110, a bonding agent that sets up a perfect substrate for SolidStepCote.iStock_000025517116_Large Whether you’re planning to renovate and love the look of terrazzo, or perhaps you have a space with the composite material already installed – now there IS a way to safely enjoy this exquisite surface. Call 1-800-741-4024 or visit for more info!

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