Safer Garage Floor Coatings for the Home

It’s the place where you keep your car, your tools, and likely a whole mess of household items you fetch and use on a regular basis. So why is your garage a slip and fall accident waiting to happen?

While some homeowners will try a non slip mat or non skid tape in an attempt to solve the problem, others will go to greater lengths of renovation, even as far as garage floor resurfacing. Instead, invest in your family’s safety with the right DIY garage floor coatings which turn your existing slippery-when-wet (or oily) surfaces into anti slip flooring you’ll feel confident stepping onto.

Safer steps in your garage
An affordable and easy approach to garage floor sealant with non skid properties is SolidStepCote from Slip Resistant Solutions. Available in four levels of slip resistance, as well as the option of matte or gloss finish, this anti slip floor coating adds gritty texture, while protecting your flooring surface from debris, automotive liquids, etc. Use it together with UniBond, a unique bonding agent which helps the coating treatment easily bond to any surface.

For more information on garage floor coatings that add slip resistance for your home or business, visit Or call 1-800-741-4024 and you’ll be matched up with the perfect product to treat your garage floor surface.

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