Simple Safety Tips for Holiday Family Gatherings

Break out the jingle bells and pour the eggnog – the holidays are here! With friends and family coming and going for gift-giving, caroling and all-around holiday merriment, make sure your house is as accommodating as your joyful vibe.

As lovers of all things safety, we’ve come up with four easy ways for you to make your home a welcoming environment for all your holiday guests, young and old!

  • Get your entryway winter weather ready. It takes just one slip and fall accident to ruin a yuletide celebration. While slip, trip, and fall accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, they can be especially harmful or even fatal for senior citizens and small children. Did you know you can make your hard surface flooring non skid with the proper anti slip treatment? Use a trusted DIY treatment, such as the microscopic abrasion products from Slip Resistant Solutions. These easy-to-apply treatments increase the coefficient of friction on tile, such as porcelain, ceramic, marble, travertine, terrazzo, granite and more, without harming the aesthetics of your beautiful floor surface.
  • Think about your decorations. Before you glam up your house from floor to ceiling, it’s time to think about fire safety. Always arrange stockings at least 3 feet away from heat sources. If you have a natural tree, keep it watered regularly as a dried out tree can create a fire hazard. Lastly, while you may have many tons of holiday bling to plug in, be sure to not overload your electrical outlets.
  • Cook with care. The kitchen is a source for much merriment and mingling, so keep this area free from mishaps. When cooking, wear tight fitting clothes, as loose sleeves can easily catch on fire. Keep oven mitts, napkins, and other combustible items away from heating elements. And of course, always keep a close eye on children in the kitchen area. A hot slow cooker, warm beverage, or casserole dish can be extremely dangerous when touched by a youngster.
  • Don’t forget your floors! Whether grandpa spilled his “special” eggnog on the kitchen floor, or Aunt Sally tracked in a (now) melted winter wonderland into your hallway, slippery floors come free of charge when you invite guests over. Find your non slip flooring solution with SolidStepCote, an anti slip floor coating treatment from Slip Resistant Solutions. This simple, DIY treatment comes in four levels of non skid slip resistance and can increase the coefficient of friction on hardwoods, vinyl, cement, and all types of tile.

Plan your festivities with safety in mind and you’ll have the happiest holiday to date! For more information about anti slip solutions to enhance the safety of your residential or commercial spaces, visit, or call 1.800.741.4024.

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