Is Your Business Prepared for Winter Weather Hazards?

Are you starting to feel it? There’s a new chill in the air, and over the next few months, many parts of the country will be covered in that white powdery stuff.

Whether you loathe the chilly precipitation or are a winter weather junkie (like me!), the snow, frost and debris from outside is inevitable. This winter, take a proactive approach and get your business ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. After all, you can’t expect everyone to wear those (oh-so-attractive) non skid shoes, can you?

Indoor entryways. While mats and rugs create a great spot for customers to wipe off wet and snowy footwear, they can create their own set of trip and fall hazards when bunched up. Add to your business’ non slip flooring plan by increasing the coefficient of friction on water-prone areas, especially the entryways into your building. Slip Resistant Solutions offers microscopic abrasion treatments and anti slip flooring coating  products suitable for various floor surfaces, including polished and unpolished tile, laminates, hardwoods, concrete and more. All non slip material treatment products are DIY and easy-to-apply, offering an affordable approach to protecting your customers, employees and property.

Outdoor entrances and walkways. Growing up in the Midwest, I know the scenario all too well – the whole town waits until the blizzard or ice storm hits. Suddenly every hardware store, big box retailer and grocery store is sold out of shovels, rock salt, ice melt and the tools necessary to keep doorways and front walks clear. Stock up on these necessities now and you’ll have a safer welcoming space for customers and employees throughout the winter.

Frosty stairs and stairwells. Slip and fall accidents reach a new level of severity when you add height into the mix. Along with routine clearing of snow and ice, add another level of non skid traction to metal, wood and other hard surfaces with SolidStepCote Level 4. This easy-to-apply, anti slip flooring sealer adds traction to any hard surface, similar to the texture of 50 grit sandpaper, providing a little extra safety to frosty, dangerous steps.

Are you going to let another wintry season creep up on you? Snow way! Your business can’t afford another winter where dangerous conditions can harm customers and staff. For more information about enhancing the safety of industrial flooring, surfaces for commercial spaces and other anti slip solutions, visit

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