Pool Deck Safety for Kids

The pool installed on your property is the source for plenty of splashing good fun for your children and their friends, but have you taken the proper steps for safety?

Here are five easy ways, through DIY projects and general upkeep, you can make that aquatic oasis in your backyard a safer place for every swimmer.

Get a grip. Give pool grab bars and ladders some extra slip resistance with a simple DIY coating, such as LiquiGrip. This easy-to-apply, paint-on coating adds non skid grip to pool ladders and bars, and can be applied overnight for a safer swimming experience the very next day!

Keep it clean. While it may be tempting to keep every pool toy and flotation device out for play, instill a habit of a cleaner pool deck. Create some pool safety rules with your children, and remind them that less clutter means less objects to trip over and cause injury.

Create anti slip decking. Whether it’s wood, tile, stone, or any other hard surface, there is a non skid treatment you can use to increase the coefficient of friction for anti slip decking around your pool. Give polished stone tile and polished porcelain tile microscopic abrasion with Slip Resistant Solutions’ Polished Stone/Tile Product for non slip tiles. Unpolished porcelain, terrazzo, ceramic, travertine can be treated with Slip Resistant Solutions’ Ceramic, Travertine, Terrazzo Product for anti slip flooring around your pool. All other pool deck surfaces can be treated with SolidStepCote, a special sealer and coating available in four distinct levels of slip resistance. Unlike other anti slip solutions, such as a non slip mat or non skid tape, these anti slip treatments allow you to maintain the aesthetics of your pool decking, all while adding a layer of non skid protection.

Fence it off. Avoid the risk of an unattended child falling into your pool with the proper pool fencing. Ensure the fencing covers the entire vicinity of the pool or hot tub, and is at least 4 feet tall. Keep objects away from the outside of the pool, as they could be used a step for small children to hop over the fencing.

Take cover. Place a heavy duty pool cover over the water when not in use. Make sure the cover you choose conceals the entire length of the pool, so no water is exposed. Even a small exposed space can be just enough for a toddler to jump in. While a cover isn’t 100 percent effective at keeping children out of your pool, heavier models are more difficult for small children to move. Plus, sturdier cover models tend to last longer than thinner versions, so you can enjoy the safety aspects for many more years.

Make safety a priority and protect your property, and most importantly, your family, from careless hazards that can occur around pools and pool decks. For more ideas and information about anti slip tile treatments and non slip coatings for your pool deck or patio, visit www.slipresistantsolutions.com.

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