4 Weather Related Slip and Fall Hazards That You Can Prevent

Winter is coming, and with fewer hours of sunlight come frosty cold mornings and slip and fall risks. Weather related slip and fall injuries can occur anywhere, but often can be prevented with a little forethought. A weather related slip and fall in my youth sent me to the emergency room for stitching above my left eyebrow. And although I was embarrassed to have a shiner and 14 stitches in my forehead, I was lucky. Injuries resulting from slips typically result in brain trauma or hip damage. A little bit of prevention just might save someone you love, or yourself, from a life changing injury.

Frost: Frosted decking, sidewalks, and stairs can be a slip and fall incident waiting to happen. This scenario represents the most preventable weather related slip hazard of them all. With a clear anti slip floor coating product that can create up to a 50 Grit texture on your sidewalks, decks, and stairs of any material, you won’t have to worry about retrieving the morning paper, or early morning visitors walking up to your stoop.

Wet Tile/Stone: Tile and stone around a pool or patio provide a warmth and earthy charm that anyone would be proud of. These materials work well in this environment because of their durability, impermeable surface, and natural UV resistance. When Bon Jovi named his 1986 album “Slippery When Wet,” he must have been partying on a wet tile or stone patio because nothing is slippery when wet like natural tile and stone. Fortunately for Bon Jovi there is a unique solution specifically designed for tile and natural stone surfaces. This anti slip tile treatment product performs a microscopic chemical abrasion on the surface of the tile, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, but will improve friction under wet and dry conditions.

Wet, Dirty, Snowmelt on Garage Floor: The most common concrete finishing technique for garage floors in the US is a polished smoothed finish. This surface is easy to sweep and most liquids can be wiped up without leaving a stain behind. While they do have their pros, this type of garage floor is notoriously slippery when wet. With a matte finish anti slip treatment coating you can protect yourself from a slip and fall while protecting the garage floor from that oil leak you’ve been meaning to address!

Entryways: Tracking snow, sleet, and rain into the home is almost impossible to prevent, but no matter what material you have on your entry floor you can treat it to be non skid, so pooled water near the front door doesn’t cost you or your guests a trip to the ER!

A few preventative measures will keep your property safe to family and guests through the holidays and beyond. For more anti slip solutions for your home or business, visit www.slipresistantsolutions.com or call 1-800-741-4024.

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